Thoroughbreds Vs Norfolk Utd!

Match report by Helene Buckingham.

The game was set to be a cracker with both squads having a great combination of youth and experience. Also both sides were coming into the match of the back of some good results.
The game started at a fast pace with NU defending hard, the pressure led to a few misplaced passes by us and some good shooting from the home team saw them take an early lead. We quickly began to find some rythmn and some sublime passing from Joanne and Claire into the attacking circle quickly brought Vicky into the game and once the ball was in her hands she was able to convert. The home side were relentless in their midcourt defence so we were having to work hard for every ball. After qtr 1 the home side were edging ahead 15-12.
The team remained the same heading into the second qtr and our defensive line tightened up on the first and second phase of the centre pass. Megan and Joanna were working tirelessly to restrict the passes into the NU circle. We began to make turnovers and the pressure on the NU shooters by Gilly & Lauren forced them into some errors. Unfortunately we weren’t able to capitalize on these turnovers with some loose passing through court. We had passages of excellent play and some great drives from Claire into the attacking circle drew the defence off and opened out the space for Vicky. We allowed the home side to edge ahead 28-23.
Heading into the second half we made 3 changes, Helene to GA, Lilly to WA and Katherine to GD. There was also a positional swap the Megan and Joanna switching over as WD and C. The girls had very specific instructions to make sure we converted our turnovers we were making and if we could do this we knew we could get back in the game. Lilly had been working hard at training on her getting free from a tough one on one mark and she showed very early on that she could do it with confidence. The team quickly settled and Katherine and Gilly began to disrupt the NU attacking circle forcing them into errors. The fresh legs on court gave NU something different to think about and as in the first half Lilly and Helene were able to find Vicky in the shooting circle. Vicky was showing some great handling on the court taking the ball at full extension and slotting the goals away. The qtr ended 39-37 to NU.
The same team took to the court in the last qtr and continued to pile the pressure on NU. The shooting from both circles showed real consistency and both defences were trying extremely hard to win ball. It was a fast paced qtr and neither team were giving much away. Katherine and Gilly picked up a couple of fantastic interceptions and we moved the ball through court with composure to goal. Lilly and Megan showed some great strength on court under real pressure from the NU defence and moved the ball with speed around the D to find Helene and Vicky in the circle. With some great turnovers we managed to edge ahead by two but once again NU came back.
An exciting finish resulted in a 51-51 draw! Both teams played with real intensity and it really was a great game with the sides very evenly matched! We look forward to an exciting return match. A real squad performance from us today. Vicky deservedly won both ours and the oppositions player of the match. Well done Vicky!

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